3 Essential Make-At-Home Kits from Restaurants You Should Try

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

With all the effects that COVID-19 is putting in the restaurant industry around the world, restaurants are scrambling and finding a way to serve their food in ways much different than we'd imagine. Takeout and delivery are what restaurants are commonly doing but some have opted to even provide make-at-home kits of some of their more popular menu items for guests to try and make from the comfort of their own home.

Here are the three I've been seeing on Social Media and definitely ones I'd recommend because the food from all three I'm about to mention is FUEGO!🔥

Pad Thai - Thai Chef Street Food

Pad Thai Kit via their IG @thaichefdc

The crew over at Thai Chef Street Food in Dupont Circle are currently selling pad thai kits for $9 and it comes with the following ingredients for you to make from the comfort of your own home!

You can see all the ingredients and also contact info on the card above. Their owner, Chalisa, happened to make this for her social media and was nice enough to share.


Here's their contact info. I believe they are doing 10% off call-in orders for pickup. UberEats and other delivery platforms shave off 30% of the sales from restaurants so it would be extremely helpful to order directly from restaurants. Consider this!

Thai Chef Street Food

1712 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

(202) 234-5698

Cheese Fondue - Stable DC

One of the restaurants that I've highlighted before the Washington Post and others is Stable. They've got two awesome guys Silvan and David running the show for their Swiss-American cuisine. My fave experience was the cheese fondue that you'll see in the image and video below.

Consider ordering their cheese fondue so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Their Instagram is telling us that you can take some homemade bread as well as Swiss wine and beer.

Can't find the pricing but I wouldn't imagine it to be too expensive.


silvank@stabledc.com to order

Or even try calling them at

(202) 733-4604

Ramen - Ramen by UZU

Ramen by UZU has been selling DIY ramen kits at Hana market on 17th and U but they're also selling DIY okonomiyaki kits as well as tons of other staples that complement their food. Items like unsteamed gua baos, frozen udon noodles, and red miso are all available for sale at the link below:


DIY Ramen Kit is currently being priced at $12.10 per

and 5 portions of fresh, vegan ramen noodles are priced at $11.00!


Did I miss any? If you guys got any leads for some, hit me up on Instagram at @eatthecapital or @dannygrubs

Also, join my Facebook foodie community at Facebook.com/groups/dcfoodies to talk about some good eats and finds in DC! Super happy with the growth we've been seeing of our group. It's an extremely good resource for people who want some help finding their next bite or recommending to others what they enjoyed as well!

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