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5 Breweries You NEED to Know About!

They say you should ask for advice from the people who are actually putting that advice to work so I brought in the guys over at BarTrack Beer to help us find some DOPE breweries you NEED to check out! These breweries are a great way to not only sip on great local and craft beer, but also awesome places to check out if you guys are looking for something to do.

Here are the 5 breweries that Hunter from BarTrack recommends!

Hunter and Austin from BarTrack Beer 📷 @minhute

But wait... a little bit about BarTrack before we get into it... BarTrack has developed a revolutionary tap system that not only ensures the perfect pour, but also track inventory and much more! They're already working with some of the biggest breweries and saving them thousands of dollars a month by reducing spillage and foamage. My man Hunter, from BarTrack, is going to share with y'all 5 breweries that he recommends for good local and craft beer and a good time!

Some dranks from Blue Jacket 📷 @minhute


Bluejacket is not only one of the best breweries in the DC area, but also one of the more popular restaurants! They are in a prime location, in D.C.'s Navy Yard. The fermenters are on multiple levels and the brewery is open for everyone. We recommend trying the mussels and finishing it with a splash of Star Power! 

Solace Brewing Co. 📷 @minhute


Solace is one of the largest distributing breweries in Northern VA. They have an awesome venue and are in a prime location! We recommend Partly Cloudy, but can never get enough of that Lucy Juicy!

Old Ox Brewery 📷 @minhute


Old Ox has two tap rooms, in Sterling and Middleburg. These guys know how to make good beer! On top of a bunch of events, food and great times, Old Ox knows how to have some fun! We recommend the Black Ox and Down the Hatch!


DC Brau is DC's first brewery. Everything about DC Brau is unique. We have a slight obsession with their beer and everything that they make! We recommend the Joint Resolution!

📷 Katharine Manning/Aslin


Aslin is located in Herndon and Alexandra. The new tap room is Alexandria is marvelous! Their beer on the other hand, is beyond tasty! The Trite, which is their signature IPA, is one of our favorites!

BarTrack creates draft equipment to help restaurants, bars, and breweries! They automatically track inventory, ensure draft system quality, and increase profits on every keg. Their feature product is a proprietary sensor that tells you how much beer is left in each keg, monitors quality, and integrates with the Point of Sale system in order to compare pours vs. sales. Their average client sees an uptick in keg yield by 5-10 pints on every keg. They are the complete draft system solution and are DMV local. If you would like to learn more, visit them at www.bartrack.beer

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