• Zina Makar

Brunch at Nina May? Don't mind if I do.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Nina May’s brunch is not flashy. You won’t find the standard Instagram gimmicks here like loud wallpaper or oversized cocktails. And it’s that much better for it, because what Nina May offers is much more. When you walk in you immediately feel a sense of home; greeted by friendly staff, you never feel the taboos of being a solo diner or coming in with an entourage – everyone is always welcome.

While the menu may seem broad upon first glance, the seemingly disparate ingredients are woven together with a very clear headed cooking style that imparts a uniquely identifiable approach. One may never have thought that potato roti with smoked salmon could complement eggs and braised short rib, but it does it. And it's simply delicious. It’s Chef Colin's small attention to detail and ability to create such a cohesive menu that makes Nina May a stand out dining option.

A few highlights for me included: the bloody mary (not too heavy with a nice smokey finish), the tater tots (little pillows filled of mashed potatoes and cheese to give you the perfect bite), the in-house dirty chai (rich and well-spiced), the chicken and biscuits (the chicken was executed beautifully, but that tangy brussel sprout slaw really completed the dish) and the crispy pork belly (cooked perfectly and resting atop of surprisingly fresh and bright tasting hash).

Given the emphasis on local ingredients, I anticipate a regularly changing menu so be sure to visit while these options are still available. This restaurant would be a good dining option to take family and friends who are visiting town. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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