Creating a Virtual Kitchen To Fund Their 208-person Staff

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Lst article I wrote about why you shouldn't be ordering from Grubhub, Uber Eats, or any other 3rd party delivery app if you're really looking to help support the restaurant as they take about 30% away from the restaurant's sale. Rather you should order directly from the restaurant and try to pick up or even ask if they deliver themselves.

Today I'm going to get you guys hip to a really cool new concept by the Happy Endings Hospitality group that created their own Virtual Kitchen and delivering their own food in an effort to direct 100% of the profits to keep their 208 person staff paid.

You can check them out and order from them at

Here are some pics I took at their different concepts🤤

For those of you who don't know, the Happy Endings Hospitality group runs 8 different concepts:

1. Chasin' Tails

2. Teas n' You

3. Lei'd Poke

4. Roll Play

5. Xin Coffee

6. Happy Endings Eatery

7. Pho Play

8. Me's Meals

All of which serve amazing food and drinks. Personally, for me (a big seafood and meat lover), I love Chasin' Tails, which is their cajun seafood concept with 2 locations in Arlington, VA and Centreville, VA. I chow down on their seafood boil (crawfish, shrimp, snow crabs) very very hard.

Snow Crabs from Chasin' Tails (PC: @dannygrubs)

But anyways, this new concept the group started is called Operation Deliver Happiness. It is essentially a virtual kitchen, as they take orders online before people can pick up or get their food delivered by their own staff. The concept just started but they're pretty much fusing the best picks from all 8 of their menus into one concise menu for their new delivery concept

Screengrab from their website

Above is a screen grab of their website at where you can check out their new menu and order some 🔥 food from. Don't forget to check out their Specials tab to see what kind of deals they got too!

It's something different that I haven't seen many restaurants do in the area, so I wanted to share with you guys. Rather than relying on other 3rd party delivery apps to deliver food for them, they created their own platform so they can keep their staff employed and pay them to deliver the food.

I talked to Tuyet, one of the co-owners of the group, and she said that oftentimes she and a lot of the other co-owners have to deliver themselves because sometimes their staff call out because of sickness or personal reasons.

To see them take on that role willingly and getting in the trenches with their staff is seriously commendable and awesome to see. Huge respect to them.

If you guys would like to be more in touch with this awesome group, definitely check out their Instagram page, which I believe they just created in an effort to centralize all updates with their hospitality group.

You guys can check out their Instagram at

Their website can be found at

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