• Zina Makar

Crossing Party Lines

You may know the folks at Red Apron Butcher as one of the original shops in Union Market, but they also have a brick and mortar restaurant located around Gallery Place called the Partisan.

Pictured: the aviator salad with wild boar ribs.

The Partisan was truly a pleasant surprise to me for a number of reasons. First, I assumed the menu would be meat-centric, and while it does have many meat dishes, I was impressed by the quality of non-meat options. The aviator salad was one such highlight. With thick chunks of romaine lettuce and pickled vegetables this would've been plenty to staisfy my appetite. And also, who doesn't love a good fork-and-knife salad to highlight the fact that you're biting into something hearty!

Pictured: housemade cassarecce.

Second, I also learned that all the pastas are made in house at the Partisan. This makes the base for many of the winter-time starchier dishes that much more rich, giving you that stick-to-your-bones warming feeling.

Pictured: the bipartisan burger.

And finally, I also just really enjoyed the vibe of the restaurant. You can tell that Chef Tommy Malz has a true passion for both the art of cooking and butchery. That passion elevates the experience at the Partisan to something that will always keep you wanting to come back.

Highlights for me include: the aviator salad, the half rack of wild boar ribs (if you only order one dish, it must be this) and the barbarian braised rabbit that eats more like a noddle stew. Portions are large and dishes ring up at a good value. There is something for everyone here, so I'd recommend bringing a few friends, no matter their political affiliation, to share some really wonderful dishes with.


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