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DC Takes the Impossible Burger Above and Beyond (Meat®)

The Impossible burger concept isn’t new - a vegetarian alternative made to taste like a beef burger - but it is taking over. With Burger King’s recent release of the Impossible Whopper, the plant based alternative burger concept has officially gone mainstream.

The vegan alternative patty allows diners on restricted diets a chance to taste what they've been missing - beef. We’ve heard it from supporters on both sides of the patty - for and against - the impossible burger concept.

Impossible Whopper from Burger King / Burger King

While many people support going beyond meat, some find it hard to accept the beefy alternative. “I’ve had it a few times. It was good, definitely tasted like a burger but it’s like uncanny valley with robotics…it made me uncomfortable,” one @eatthecapital follower confessed.

There have been other reports too that express the amount of “filler” ingredients in an impossible burger can be just as upsetting as the real thing.

Either way, the demand for alternative burgers has skyrocketed. We polled the ol' IG and collected some tasty answers. Here are a few of these places in DC for your own craft impossible burgers.

Farmers and Distillers

600 Massachusetts Ave NW

The addition of the Impossible Burger for Farmers & Distillers comes as a surprise for the brand since it's the only item on the menu that doesn’t come from a farm or ranch. The menu quotes, "Made entirely from plants for people who love meat." We can dig it!

Impossible Burger / Farmers & Distillers

Eat Brgz

250 7th St SE

Our new favorite! Spice things up by mixing all of the toppings INSIDE of your Eat Brgz Impossible Burger. "INSIDE of the burger"(Zoolander).

Eat Brgz Impossible Burger / @dannygrubs

Fare Well

406 H St NE

Providing veggie-centric comfort food, Fare Well has three burger options on the menu that are available in both the Impossible or the Beyond Meat® patty. There's the Classic Burger, the Mexicali Burger or the BBQ Pineapple Bacon Burger.

Beyond Meat Burger at Fare Well. Photo provided by Yelp


712 7th St NW

It's not an Impossible Burger, but HipCityVeg serves a Smokehouse Burger with a Beyond Meat® patty, topped with crispy onions, tangy BBQ, & smoked gouda cheese.


Multiple Locations: 1724 L St NW & 655 New York Ave NW

This fast-food restaurant is everything opposite of what you'd imagine from a typical fast-food restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King. Without meat, they're serving sustainable foods only - including the Impossible Burger! With a mission to reduce environmental footprint, Leon serves sustainable foods only. LEON is a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

LEON's Impossible Burger / Sam Nolan


2475 18th St NW

Don't mistake this music venue for just another music venue... In the Byrdcage you'll experience live music in Adams Morgan and have the option to order an impossible burger from the restaurant/bar area. One of @eatthecapital followers, @arlington.dining, even says that they make it In N Out style!

b DC Penn Quarter

801 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Formerly known as Plan B Burger Bar, this restaurant will allow you to swap out any burger for a 4 oz Impossible burger patty for a small upcharge.

Vegan or not, let us know your take on these popular stand-ins!

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