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District Doughnut & Eat Brgz Collaborate to Make an INSANE Super Shake - and you get to name it!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

📸 @dannygrubs

Two locally founded Capitol Hill brands, District Doughnut and Eat Brgz have announced a collaboration launching 11/5 with the release of their doughnut covered super shakes, anddd we're drooling.

Eat Brgz is serving up their classic Super Shakes in Vanilla, Hershey's Chocolate or Strawberry, each full of 20+ grams of protein, along with two full-sized, freshly fried doughnuts and three mini doughnuts from District Doughnut. A WILD combo!

To name this INSANE milkshake, Eat Brgz and District Doughnut have sponsored a contest via @eatthecapital's instagram page starting 11/4. The person with the best name for this work of art will win two of these shakes + two Brgz and bragging rights for...forever.

To enter, accounts must follow @eatbrgz @dcdoughnut & @eatthecapital⁠. They will need to tag a friend + comment the name that they'd give this milkshake! Best name wins!

Each winner from the @eatbrgz , @dcdoughnut , and @eatthecapital page will win their two shakes + two Brgz on Wednesday, 11/6 at 8 pm. Then, they will enter the final round where the ultimate winner will be announced on Wednesday, 11/6 at 9 pm and the milkshake will be officially named!

Head over to Eat Brgz on 7th St SE to get your hands on one of these Milkshake's Who Must Not Be Named...YET. ⁠

📸 @dannygrubs

📸 @dannygrubs

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