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HOT LOLA'S! The Chicken Sandwich Joint Firing Up Our Instagram Feeds

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

If you're around the NOVA area and in need of something that'll warm your stomach and fill your Instagram feed, you NEED to make a stop at Hot Lola's. A hot chicken concept by Chef Kevin Tien, who also recently left Himitsu for his new restaurant, Emilie's.

Not only is this hot chicken sandwich one of the BEST things I ever had, but it also looks extreeeeeemely good for the gram (see below).

'OG Hot' Chicken Sandwich from Hot Lola's đź“· @dannygrub

You can order chicken tenders and fries as well, but I came in just for the hot chicken sandwich. You can order multiple spice levels but what I recommend for the full experience without burning your stomach up tooo much would be the 'OG Hot' spice level which you'll see below.

The sandwich comes with slaw and pickles with a housemade ranch-type dressing that really helps counter the heat from the sichuan and nashville hot spices. Squeeze all that between 2 crispy buns and you got yourself the perfect bite! JUICY, HOT, and DELICIOUS!

If you guys ever hit this place up and post this on the gram, make sure to tag us on Instagram @eatthecapital so we can connect!

PS... my stomach is burning still

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