How to Make Gimbap (EASY Korean food recipe)

It's been about 5 days since my last post since I wanted to mix up my blog posts with DC restaurant food. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a particular story that would've been good to report, so I just wanted to say if you guys have any favorite restaurants, please consider buying from them directly (not through 3rd party delivery apps as you guys already know).

In this blog post, you'll learn my mom's simple way of making gimbap! It's extremely easy to make and delicious. The perfect bite for lunch or dinner IMO...

Gimbap with select recipes


This is a Korean dish made from cooked rice + an assortment of other ingredients rolled into gim, which is a dried sheet of nori seaweed. You can find the ingredients that I'm about to mention in your local Asian mart. Look for something like a Lotte or HMart.


Here in this 53 second video, you'll learn how to assemble the gimbap. It's extremely key to have the roller blinds that would allow you to roll your gimbap nice and tight so ingredients don't fall out (picture at the bottom of this post)


Rice - get rice ready and add a touch of salt and sesame oil. When putting rice on the nori seaweed sheets you don't want to put too much on. Maybe a layer enough to cover 60-70% of the nori seaweed sheets

Dried Nori Seaweed Sheets - purchase from any Asian mart. Needs to be DRY.

Egg - beaten eggs cooked on a pan, not too thick. You want a thin layer of egg that you can cut to look like it is in the video above

Steamed Spinach - or boiled. First rinse, steam/boil, rinse in cold water then add a touch of sesame oil and salt

Imitation Crab - this is the meat we'll use for our gimbap. You can use other meats like bulgogi, ham, spam, etc... just make it shaped to fit the roll (long and rectangular is best)

Yellow Fermented Radish

Sesame Oil - to coat ingredients as well as the roll after rolling

Other Ingredients to Consider

*Sesame Seeds - to top off the roll after you oil it

*Fresh Cucumber - for that extra crunch for you texture eaters

*Fish cakes



*Other meats


Cutting Board

Roller Blinds


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