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Meet DC's HOTTEST new Bento Lounge

"It Was All a Dream" pulses in bright neon behind the bar of Tokyo Pearl, casting purple rays of light upon those crowding for a drink. Lighting is a vastly important aspect of Tokyo Pearl's aesthetic: long lines of ever-changing neon lights stretch across the ceiling, their reflections constantly bounced off walls adorned with artwork of Japanese script and koi.

Tokyo Pearly practically oozes unique character, you would be terribly hard-pressed to find a more visually interesting bar or lounge in the whole District. Take a quick detour past the bar and crowded dance floor and the lounge gives way to Tokyo Pearl's Bento gastropub.

Bar area at Tokyo Pearl đź“· Sam Nolan

Sushi and bento are the main attractions here. As the business crowd unwinds amongst the outdoor seating, flavored smoke and conversation dissipate along the sidewalk. It is a welcoming sight and it is common to see couples and groups slow to backtrack and dip inside.

A perfect spot for late-night dancing or liaisons, Tokyo Pearl's lounge is a unique spot. But it is the casual and friendly atmosphere of the gastropub that really shines, making Tokyo Pearl the ideal spot to meet friends to unwind after a long day at work.

Sushi Bento đź“· Sam Nolan

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