• Zina Makar

Poutine Pop-Up on the Hill

Without a doubt, the DC food scene is thriving – there is almost something for every craving. But come this time of the year, when you’re reminiscing about summer yet in dire need of comfort food, DC has failed to hit the spot on something that is fast-casual, but can be turned to as a main during a night out. Enter, Two Guys Gravy and Fries and their poutine pop-up.

Once Two Guys announced its pop-up on Capitol Hill, I knew I had to give it a shot. The concept is almost too simple to be inspired; poutine effectively amounts to fries doused in gravy and sprinkled with cheese curds. However, this recipe comes with some authentic roots, adopted from co-owner Calvin’s Canadian family, these little boxes offer much more than gravy and fries as the modest business title claims.

After tasting a few of their options, for me, it came down to the quality of the fry. I was immediately taken back to my summers as a kid, waiting in the long line in the sweltering heat at Thrashers on the boardwalk for a bucket of thick, hand-cut fries (which I would later deface with unreasonable amounts of salt and apple cider vinegar). Two Guys’ hand cut fries bring back all of the nostalgia of Thrashers in the summer, with the welcomed addition of a house-made gravy to elevate this dish into a cold-weather staple. And with a generous helping of white cheddar cheese curds you become a little less upset that it is 30 degrees outside in November. My recommendation: add the house pickled red onions and jalapeños, they are a perfect complement to the standard poutine offering.

Two Guys Gravy and Fries plans to expand their pop-up locations and poutine menu in the coming weeks, but for now, pay them a visit at Valor Pub (723 8th St SE) on Fridays – you won’t be disappointed.

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