Reviewing District Doughnut's Bake-At-Home Cinnamon Rolls

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

So I've been living a pretty laid back and chill life recently because of the current situations and been spending a lot of time with my fam and learning age-old Korean recipes from them. While I was recording my mom cooking some insanely good Soon Doo Bu (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew, which I'll post about soon), I got a text from District Doughnut, asking if I wanted to try one of their newly rolled out Bake-at-home Cinnammon Rolls.

No hesitation at all, I made the drive over to their Georgetown location to pick up my care package the next day. What you see below is a picture of the cinnamon rolls right after they thawed and a picture from @dcdoughnut Instagram page of their rolls after proofing.

I actually made a video review as well, so if you guys want to see the rolls from start to finish in it's rawest, pre-Instagram-edited form, I would highly recommend checking it out👇

Update: So apparently the video doesn't play on mobile because of some YouTube restrictions with the music (I believe the Marvin Gaye song lol). You can watch by searching "District Doughnut Cinnamon Rolls Review" on Youtube on desktop OR you can try clicking this link, not sure if it'll work though -

You'll see from the video how my fam and I felt about the cinnamon rolls. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like some people might think $20 for 4 rolls is pretty expensive... That's like $5 for each cinnamon roll. But after doing some research I saw that Cinnabons were selling their 4 pack for about $14, so for a tastier, healthier, and fresher alternative, I very much think the $20 for a 4 pack make-at-home District Doughnut Cinnamon rolls is justified.

That's my take and I would love to know your guys' thoughts if you guys do decide to try!

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