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Roaming Rooster - How This Chicken Sandwich Restaurant Went VIRAL

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

📍 Roaming Rooster, 3176 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Social Media has been a huge help to restaurant owners get more business today, but very few have been able to say that social media has been the reason for their sales to grow by 5x for over a quarter of a year now.

Recently the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has not only BLOWN up the internet but also their sales... by over $100 million. But they're not alone. A single tweet from social media influencer, Bri Hall, has helped steer this attention and foot traffic straight to Roaming Rooster - a chicken sandwich concept that has been running food trucks around Washington D.C. and also in their brick n mortar in NE DC for over a year now.

The tweet that started it all, via Bri Hall

When I came in to interview Mike about his restaurant, he gave a lot of credit to this tweet because it sparked what would become a wildfire. This single tweet gained over 47.4k likes and over 19.6k comments, which led to 70 articles written about them online - including articles from the Washington Post, Eater, and more. Now they're selling over 1200 chicken sandwiches a day.

The demand has grown so high that lines have been out the door all day every day for over 3 months now... I talked to Mike's brother, who also breads and fries the chicken, and he says that he has to stand in his area breading and frying chicken for over 10 hours a day. Everyday. For the past 3 months. See below.

Breading & Frying Station 📷@dannygrubs

And he isn't alone... They need about 10 people in the kitchen all day since even during awkward hours like 3 pm the place is jam-packed. I've never seen anything like it before.


Now straight to the product... the chicken sandwiches. I'll put my thoughts below the pics:

Chicken Sandwiches 📷@dannygrubs

These sandwiches are in order of what I liked btw. The first pic is the Honey Butter Chicken sandwich. CRAZYYYYYY GOOD... Seeing them slab on a VERY healthy housemade honey butter onto the top bun before slapping it onto the chicken sandwich made my mouth drool literally... no exaggeration. If you do go, just know it's a safe bet. Also my fave.

Apparently it's a crowd favorite too. Almost 70% of their orders are the honey butter chicken sandwich. Give credit to their chicken and their honey butter. So good.

If you guys do decide to go, tag us on Instagram! @eatthecapital and me too @dannygrubs - we'll be sharing posts and stories of people visiting restaurants we recommend and for this one, I HIGHLY recommend.

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