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Sapporo Style Ramen Makes its Way to Navy Yard

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

October saw the arrival of fall, a Pennant, and, most importantly, authentic Japanese ramen to Navy Yard.

Hatoba's sunlight-filled interior pays homage to the industrial nature of the Boilermaker Building. 📸 Sam Nolan

The opening of Hatoba heralds the arrival of Japanese style ramen to DC's Navy Yard and an excellent option for the business lunch crowd. Taking a cue from its location in the Boilermaker Building, Hatoba's decor is industrial in its feel. Even its name is a subtle nod to the Boilermaker's history as an old shipping warehouse: "Hatoba" translates from Japanese to "dock."

Featuring Sapporo style ramen, so named after the ramen found in the Japanese city of the same name, Hatoba has added a few twists to the Japanese ramen formula. That is not to say that Hatoba has sacrificed taste to stand out. Indeed the unusual approach is what makes their ramen so delicious.

Hatoba's Tomato-Curry is a wonderfully spicy Vegan option. 📸 Sam Nolan

This unorthodox approach to ramen is due to Hatoba's use of ingredients rarely used in Japanese Ramen. The inclusion of red miso is virtually unheard of in Japanese ramen, which typically uses Shiromiso, or white miso, as its base. Red miso, or Akamiso, is aged longer than white miso and presents a much stronger flavor.

As such, Hatoba's ramen is practically bursting at the seams with flavor, with their Red-Miso-Clam being the clear standout on the menu. While clam and red miso is a classic miso soup pairing, their use in ramen is anything but standard. The resulting ramen is salty, flavorful, and easily one of the best bowls of ramen we have ever enjoyed.

Hatoba's Red-Miso-Clam makes use of ingredients rarely seen in Japanese Ramen. 📸 Sam Nolan

Whether you are a ramen aficionado or the casual lunch goer looking for a new spot, Hatoba is well worth checking out. The sunny and airy interior and the deliciously salty ramen make this a must for anyone in the Navy Yard area.

A visit to a Ramen house would not be complete without a noodle pull! 📸 Sam Nolan

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