St. Anselm, for DC.

Tucked away near Union Market, St. Anselm feels like walking into your favorite neighborhood restaurant. It’s the one you go to on your birthday, your anniversary, when you get a promotion, and when you don’t need a reason to eat thoughtful and simply delicious food.

Salmon Collar 📷 @dannygrubs

The portraits of America’s least popular presidents at the tables are cheeky. The thrifted plates add just the right touch of kitsch without being cheesy. You can easily see how the style of the first St. Anselm in Brooklyn, New York was used as inspiration but the DC location is bigger and much more luxurious feeling.

Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley says the grilled salmon collar is one of her favorite items on the menu and once we tasted it we knew why. It’s a little charred, a little fatty, and perfectly cooked, of course. The tender grilled hanger steak with chimichurri melts in your mouth and if you want to pair it with the perfect wine please ask their sommelier, you will NOT be led astray.

At St. Anselm they’ll treat you as well as they’ll feed you. If you love big meats, big flavor, and big love you don't want to sleep on this new DC favorite.

Grilled Hangar Steak 📷 @dannygrubs

Interview with the chef at link below!

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