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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or happy hour, Residents Cafe & Bar (1306 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036) does it all!

This new establishment in the heart of DuPont opened just two months ago, but they already have their sights set on being your new go-to coffee shop, eatery, bar, and spot for late-night craft cocktails.

The thing is, they will excel at it all! Residents Cafe & Bar is tended by excellent baristas who compete in competitions all around the world. At the bar, expert mixologists with exquisite attention to detail will take good care of you! The food is top-notch and draws global inspiration for their dishes--most notably Mediterranean.

Photo Credit: Residents Cafe & Bar

Drink Recommendations

For the coffee lover looking for their new go-to alcoholic drink, we highly recommend the espresso martini! The espresso martini is done in three different ways here. Our favorite is the vodka-based martini, which is made with galliano ristretto coffee liqueur, vanilla, and ghee. Yes, ghee--clarified butter (made in-house). But trust us, it works!

Seasonal alcoholic beverages are also expertly crafted and waiting for you at Residents Cafe & Bar. The Green Apple cocktail is a refreshingly tart ode to autumnal activities like apple picking. The Pink Grapefruit cocktail is a tart, spicy, and smokey libation with its mezcal base and Szechuan peppercorn addition. The Pumpkin cocktail is extremely palatable--even to people who don't often enjoy pumpkin! The Cranberry cocktail is a balanced sweet and tart beverage that you're sure to enjoy.

Espresso Martini Photo Credit: @hawkeyejohnson

Other Cocktails Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

Food Recommendations

Residents Cafe & Bar shouldn't just be known solely as a good place for coffee and alcoholic drinks. The food here is excellent! Global inspirations, balanced flavors, and attention to detail drive the core menu here at Residents.

The Burger is made with wagyu beef, bourbon onion jam, comte, Boston bib lettuce, crispy shallots, and the Residents special sauce. The house fries with vadouvan aioli are absolutely divine and delightful.

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

The Residents Bowl is a popular, hearty, earthy option with purple quinoa tabouleh, baby kale, carrot hummus, avocado, chickpea fritters, za’atar vinaigrette grilled halloumi cheese.

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

The Moulard Duck is an expertly pan-seared duck breast with parsnip puree, turnip, and black garlic jus. This is a treat yo' self kind of dish that is totally worth your time!

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

The Morrocan Lamb is a warm, savory, and hearty dish served with saffron couscous, Marcona almonds, cipollini onion, Turkish figs, and harissa.

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

The Black Truffle Gnocchi is hand-rolled in house and cooked with maitake mushroom and parmigiano cheese. Perfect for pasta lovers and cheese lovers!

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

The Toasted Banana Bread is topped with mascarpone, banana crumble, and maple sauce. This is a satisfying dessert that meets sweet-toothed eaters and savory eaters in the middle.

Photo Credit: @alexanderjip

Despite being the new kid on the block, Residents Cafe & Bar is sure to be a go-to option for any time of the day. Look out for future projects from Residents Cafe & Bar, including a speak-hard style cocktail bar lower level that will consist of amazing music programming, a whole different cocktail program, and gathering opportunities that will surely make you feel like a resident of the establishment.

Check out Residents Cafe & Bar: https://www.residentsdc.com/

Instagram: @Residentsdc

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