This Top-Rated Restaurant Will Sit Mannequins at Tables to Make Social Distancing Less Lonely

At this point in time - May 18, 2020 - several restaurants in the DMV area are currently preparing for the reopening of indoor dining as states are planning to allow the reopening of stores. Obviously, with the current conditions, there will be fewer people dining in... MUCH fewer... In my opinion, I'm thinking restaurants will only be filled to about 20% of what it used to be. Maybe 25% capacity max.


It'll be a unique time seeing guests slowly inch their way back into their normal dining habits while restaurants balance dining in + carryout/delivery model.

One particular restaurant, though, is taking every opportunity to make this something memorable.

If you guys haven't heard already, one of the most prominent restaurants in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area, The Inn at Little Washington, will be filling the vacant seating in the restaurants with mannequins to make the restaurant less lonely.

The chef and proprietor, Patrick O'Connell, states "When we needed to solve the problem of social distancing and reducing our restaurant’s occupancy by half, the solution seemed obvious — fill it with interestingly dressed dummies... This would allow plenty of space between real guests and elicit a few smiles and provide some fun photo ops."

Pictures are scrollable. All photo credits to Steve Helber

Keep in mind that going to The Inn at Little Washington is NOT cheap... If you choose to dine in there, be ready to spend over ~$350 per person on a meal there. The restaurant is one of the best in the country, as it is a 3-star Michelin rated restaurant - the highest rating you could get.

Now with mannequins in play, it looks like rather than just paying for an extremely good meal, you'll be paying that money for quite the experience... almost like going to an amusement park where you can go to dine in at the finest restaurant around AND get a once-in-a-lifetime experience with mannequins by your side.

Screenshot from their website

Now I wanna know your guys' thoughts (you can comment below)

Would you guys be comfortable dining with mannequins?

The answer for me is... I'll pass. LOL... I'm not in a position to feel comfortable spending over $350 after a nice tip for a meal either but to dine in with mannequins is flat out creepy to me. I can see how people could enjoy this experience though. In my opinion, it's an awesome move by chef Patrick O'Connell. He is always innovating a new dining experience - hence why he has 3 Michelin stars in the first place. Just this one I'll pass on... Sorry chef!


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