This Taco Joint is Located in a BASEMENT in DuPont Circle

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

You’d never think that in DuPont Circle you could walk down some stairs into a below-ground taco spot and have some of the best Island-inspired food… but you CAN! Chef Ryan Fichter took his love of Hawaii and the island flavors there and brought it back home to DC when he moved back after living there for nearly six years.

Cuisine mash-ups in tacos aren’t new but none are so appropriate and fitting in my opinion. The slow-braised, shredded, and salty Kailua pork taco perfectly mimics a carnitas taco but has that Hawaiian flavor and twist. If you want to try some authentic poke and not one of those frankenpoke bowls that are so popular currently, try their Aloha style tuna or salmon poke; it’s made precisely as it’s made for you on vacation.

Take a trip to the tropics the next time you’re in DuPont and you’ll see what I mean! Check out my YouTube video below where I showcase some of my favorite menu items from here:

1. Kimchi pork belly taco

2. Loco moco

3. Coconut shrimp taco

All are BANGERS 🔥🔥🔥

PS… they have this insane taco challenge where you need to eat 9 tacos and a shaved ice to beat their record time of 9 minutes and 57 seconds. Lose and pay up $XX (see below to see the current champ!)

Haythem Hedda, current taco champ at Tiki Taco

All photos by me: @dannygrubs

IG: @tikitacodc

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