Toastique - The Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar Fit for Instagram

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Looking for bright colors and bold tastes? Well look no further, Toastique is the right place for you! Located at the Wharf, this gourmet toast and juice bar is exactly exactly what you need for breakfast, lunch, after a workout, or pretty much any occasion you’re craving something healthy and delicious.

Avocado Smash 📷 @alexanderjip

Whether you choose a toast, bowl, or smoothie, each and every item on the menu is a feast for the eyes. Typically, when you see food with colors this vibrant, artificial dyes are responsible; however, at Toastique that is not the case as each and every dish is bright and beautiful because of how fresh it’s ingredients are.

Toastique will not only feed you, but your Instagram feed as well with it’s vibrant and delicious treats. Tag us @eatthecapital and #eatthecapital if you ever go to this spot because of this write-up! We will repost as a thank you(:

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