Why You Should Eat Fish Heads (and How to Make Yours Too!)

By the end of this post, you'll learn that fish heads are some of the most delicious parts of the fish and hopefully I can help you muster up the courage to eat it too (including the eyes because yes, they are tasty).

Cod Fish Heads Before We Fried Them

So You Want Me to Eat That?

I was reading an article and it said:

"Most North Americans and Europeans miss out on the joys of fish heads, preferring to eat only clean, boneless filets. And with little demand for fish byproducts worldwide, most heads, tails and carcasses are processed into livestock feed or farm fertilizer or thrown back into the sea.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently called out the absurdity of this waste, suggesting it's time to get more fish heads on people's plates.

"We must ensure that these byproducts are not wasted," Audun Lem, chief of FAO's products, trade and marketing branch, said in a statement."

via npr.org

Not only is it wasteful to toss the fish head, but it is an extremely delicious part of the fish that can't be replicated flavor-wise. A big missed opportunity for my fellow food lovers around the world.

Here's Why It's So Good

The fish head tends to have much more fat than other areas of the body. The cheeks especially are extremely juicy and tender because of the mix in fat content. The meat around the jawbones is extremely tender and when you cook it, you'll even see the eyes sizzling and popping. Big flavors. You'll want to eat around the eye sockets, below the gill plates and in the cheeks. Even the eyeballs and the softer pieces of cartilage are delicious.

How My Fam Cooked Ours

You can pretty much chop the head of any fish and make it work. For us though, we got Codfish and took the head to take it for a spin. Deep-fried and plated with steamed bean sprouts with a special homemade hot sauce composed of chili powder, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, etc.

For full visual satisfaction, inspiration, and cravings check out my YouTube video below creating this dish from start to finish.

If you guys have any questions about the ingredients that went into this, let me know.

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If you made it this far into the post, thank you so much.

As always, love y'all❤️

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